boqii Automatic Cat Litter Box, [13L Ultra-Large Waste Box] [Multi-cat Recognition] Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box with Removable Filter by Catlink APP Remote Control for Multiple Cats



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[13L Ultra-Large Trash Box]Large capacity of trash box means no scooping, cleaning or refilling cat’s litter box for few weeks. The trash box contains activated carbon cotton filter which can absorbs unpleasant odor, it extremely suitable for carefree travel and usual on trip pet parents

[Multi-Cat Recognition & Real-Time Health Status]The era of the multi-cat identification smart self-cleaning litter box has arrived! It will record each cat’s toilet habits and the best part is that multiple cats can be individually identified and recorded; even when you are traveling, working or on your way home, you can open the app to get your cat’s 24 hours/7 days/12 months health management report at any time!

[4 Intelligent Modes & APP Remote Control] The litter boxes for large cats have 4 modes: manual mode, automatic mode, emptying mode and timer mode. These modes can be controlled remotely through APP. Just choose any mode you need, clean and solve all cleaning problems with one click through APP. It can realize travel or business trip for 21 days without shoveling, cleaning and refilling the litter box, providing a clean and comfortable living environment for cats at all times.

[ Intelligent Safety Protection Technology]1. The High-Precision Gravity Sensor automatically senses the position of the cat in all directions. 2. Double Anti-pinch Design is the second safety step, if a cat is suspected of being caught during operation, the machine will immediately stop running;

[ Intelligent Safety Protection Technology]3.Thirdly, the intelligent Anti-Blocking Protection is an ingenious self-rescue protection. If the kitten accidentally falls into the trash box, don’t be worried, the door of the trash box adopts a non-sealed grid design to maintain air circulation at all times. 4. At this time, the fourth security step will be automatically activated, and the APP will be Real-time Push of APP Exception Messages and you can take immediate countermeasures.

[Easy to Disassemble and Wash]It is easy to install and disassemble without tools. Removable filter it can be wash and install everyday according to your needed. There is more interior space available for the convenient to wash.

[ 360 Degree Microwave Radar Detection]Scientific and Efficient Technology always keeps the self-cleaning litter box as clean as ever. In addition, using innovative "human body microwave radar" technology, there is no dead-angle stereo sensing, and it is not affected by environmental influences, dust, and temperature. It has a wider angle and stronger anti-interference than "infrared sensing"

[Customer Service & Free Replacement]We provide 1-year guarantee for this product. If you need any help from us or any inquiries about the intelligent cat litter box, please feel free to contact us, we will give you a satisfying solution within 12 hours. Regardless of any problem, we still hope that your shopping trip in boqii is pleasant and unforgettable.

NOTE: Not Applicable to cats under four months of age or weigh more than 10kg.

Multi-function Litter Box Stair


Easy to Entry & ExitCatches Cat LitterComfortable BedSimple and luxury smart litter box partnerTaking care of the cats with mobility impairment like Short-legged and Senior Cat


Multi-User Account Management


Every family member is a little housekeeperUnlimited number of peopleRemote control by Android/Ios/Mobile Phone, Pad and Devices


Small Footprint, Large Space


Even looks small, it can accommodate fat cats Covering area of only 1/3m², but it has a large capacity of 57L.A 20 lbs fat cat can rotate freely inside without any obstacles.User-friendly for multi-cat families